Origin Story


It all began in the unforgettable lanes of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India where a dream of establishing our own Pipes and Tubes manufacturing company was conceived.

The sacred city Varanasi is no less than a temple for the founding members of Dadu Pipes. Deeply rooted in the earthiness that this tranquil city has to offer, our ideas stem firmly on the solid grounds of faith, stability and trustworthiness. Ours is a legacy of over 50 years of seeing, understanding and living in the pipes and tubes business.

Fondly recognized as Maniram Tubes in Varanasi, we have proudly managed to establish steady grounds for our future ventures to take smooth flights. Dadu Pipes carries this well-nurtured bequest a step ahead. Having been introduced to the said trade and business in nascent years of ones’ lives, the founders of Dadu Pipes have laboured hard to gain years-long proficiency and expertise. Multiple rounds of sincere discussions and rigorous planning finally resulted in laying the foundation stone of Dadu Pipes by Ram Avatar Agarwal in 2006. There’s no looking back ever since.


80 के दशक में जब कई पाइप्स एवं ट्यूब मैन्युफैक्चरिंग कंपनियों पर ताले लग रहे थे, तब उत्तर प्रदेश की किन्ही गलियों में दादू पाइप्स की बुनियाद के सपने जन्म ले रहे थे.

वक़्त चुनौतीपूर्ण था और हम नए थे.

बहुत छोटी उम्र से ही इस व्यापार से परिचय हुआ और कई सालों की मेहनत एवं अनुभव के बाद दादू पाइप्स की स्थापना करने की प्रेरणा हुई.

काफी विचार, विमर्श और योजनाओं के पश्चात सन् 2006 में श्री राम अवतार अगरवाल द्वारा दादू पाइप्स की नींव रखी गई.

दादू पाइप्स को जल्द ही उचित मान्यता मिली और इ.आई.अल जैसे प्रतिष्ठित संगठनों से सर्टिफाए होने वाली यह यंगेस्ट कंपनी बनी.

पोल्स से पिलर्स तक जहाँ देखें वहाँ दादू पाइप्स की मज़बूत पकड़ है. दादू हैं, तो सही है!


During the 1980s when many Pipes and Tubes Manufacturing Companies were being shut, a dream to establish Dadu Pipes sprouted somewhere in Banaras.

The times were challenging and we were naïve.

Having been introduced to this business at a very early age in our lives, we devoted many years to hard work and gaining expertise in this trade.

With the blessings of Saint Shree Dadu Dayal, we engaged in sincere discussions and rigorous planning and finally, the foundation stone of Dadu Pipes was laid by Sri Ram Aavtar Aggarwal in 2006.

Dadu Pipes received its due recognition and soon became the youngest company to be certified by esteemed organization like EIL.

Ranging from poles to pillars, we have a strong grip in market today, and we are here to stay. Dadu is dependable.