Shri R.A. Agarwal



Ram Avatar Agarwal is man of few words and high principles. His experienced eyes value time, work and people. Dadu Pipes flourishes under his refined leadership. He is a self-made, hardworking and devoted gentleman whose blessings and guidance we boast upon.

In 2006, he founded Dadu Pipes with an enriching experience of more than 40 years. His passionate and thoughtful approach towards everything in life has brought the company to new heights in the field of steel manufacturing.

Having humble roots in a lesser-known village of Haryana, Ram Avatar Agarwal struggled to make his ends meet during his initial days in business.
With sheer fortitude, hard labour and an undying will, he has made it to being one of the topmost industrialists the country has ever produced.

Ram Avatar Agarwal is an active social worker while also being the trustee of Varanasi’s oldest hospital S. L. Marwari Hindu Hospital (estd. 1932) as well as Shri Kashi Jivdaya Vistarini Goshala Avam Pashushala.

Rajesh Agarwal

Managing Director

Rajesh Agarwal

If one is to pinpoint the source of inspiration for Dadu Pipes, Rajesh Agarwal be it. A B.Com. Honours graduate from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University, the Managing Director of Dadu Pipes is an honest and devoted gentleman.

Despite heading a team of hundreds of dedicated workers and managers, he prefers to look after the production, operations and expansion plans personally.

A day away from the factory discomforts him and so he ensures that however briefly possible, all the workplaces must be visited at least once a day.

With an experience of more than 30 years in the industry, he lives by the principle that work is worship and Dadu Pipes Office his temple.

Satish Agarwal

Chief Executive Officer


Kind, passionate and ever so diligent Satish Agarwal was introduced to the business world at a very young age. His day begins and ends with thoughts of Saint Dadu Dayal, and his company Dadu Pipes.

Accompanying a degree in Business Management from Banaras Hindu University, he works to provide quality products and focuses on providing a healthy working environment to the employees.

Beneath the erudite CEO of Dadu Pipes, lies the honest and humble family man. A man of words and wisdom with a growth-oriented mindset, Satish Agarwal is as masterful as he is gentle and as domineering as he is kind.
“I am what my father has made me,” he admits benevolently.